The quick and dirty is that you can season your food with it, cook your food on it and shoot your tequila out of it!


For those of you that like to geek out – Pink Himalayan Salt has an extremely low porosity and virtually no residual moisture, thereby providing a small amount of surface area actually contacting your food during the cooking process. While the liquid content of the food does increase the salination process, the mineral content of the salt makes the flavor subtle and well rounded. The salt plates can be safely heated or chilled to great extremes from 0 F to 700 F. Salt melts at 1473.4 F.


Let your training wheels fall off!  No need for fruit and iodized table salt to enjoy tequila!  What better way to savor the flavor of a margarita than with a shot glass carved of Pink Himalayan Salt?  No more rims with salt crystals.


Again for those of you that have made it this far – This is not your grandmother’s table salt!


The flavor of Pink Himalayan Salt is much more mild than a processed sodium product. The quantity of trace minerals impart a mild and complex taste. 1.2% sulfur, 4% calcium, .35% potassium, 16% magnesium, along with 80 other trace minerals.  Salination is the process of salt attempting to equalize the sodium content between itself and anything with which it comes in contact.