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The Worse it Looks The Better it Cooks!

As you cook on it your block will get a nice dark patina….. Remember the worse it looks the better it cooks!

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The History of Salt Rox and Our Family of Products
The Salt Rox family embraces and celebrates cooking as an important part of the satisfying experience […]

Baby Bella Mushrooms on Salt Rox

Venison on Salt Rox – Tim Farmer’s Country Kitchen

Throw some on the salt block with Tim Farmer’s’s special wine sauce, whip up some venison stroganoff that will have your mouth watering, and then finish the night with Nicki’s mushroom venison steak in the crockpot! Can you say YUMMY!?
Questions? Call Tucker : (859) 317-3007


Twitter : http://twitter.com/saltrox
Facebook : http://Facebook.com/SaltRoxLex
The History of Salt Rox and Our […]

Cowboy Cooking for Beginners – Tim Farmer’s Country Kitchen

It’s time for some Cowboy Campfire Cooking… FOR BEGINNERS! Tim discusses the basics of getting your fire started, maintaining temperature, tools needed and how to heat a basic dutch oven. He even shows you TWO beginner recipes that you won’t want to miss. Then it’s back indoors where Tim introduces you to one of the […]

Charcoal Grilled Chicken Under a Salt Rox With Rosemary & Lemon

Chef Jeff – The Hearth and Grill Shop
Take an everyday staple like salt and accentuate the flavor and eye appeal of your food by cooking and serving on a Salt Rox Blox. Salt Rox Blox are carved from 500 million year old Pink Himalayan Salt from the Himalayan mountains.
For a Perfectly grilled whole chicken with crisp […]

Salt Rox Cooks Salmon & Asparagus with Tucker

By Tucker : (859) 317-3007

Cooking Salmon and Asparagus is very simple. Few foods pack a bigger nutritional punch than salmon. It’s rich in protein, heart-helping omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin D.

Preheat to 450 Degrees
Get the Salt Rock HOT!
Slide a drip pan with some water (no smoke & no mess)
Season with anything you like, we use Amazing […]

How to play with your tequila…

Take a summer evening with a very warm breeze. Down right hot and steamy after 3 minutes actually. Need something cool with some kick? Take 3 ounces of very fine tequila, Casa Noble or Don Modesto or your favorite. Pour over ice and swirl with a wedge of orange. Pour small amounts of the chilled […]

What to do when the stock market is unsure? Cook some amazing comfort food on a pink himalayan salt block!

Take a really hot pink Himalayan Salt Block and prep your dinner for the evening. Get creative or get back to basics. For fast and simple try chicken with asparagus or mushrooms. Chicken breasts are fabulous when cooked on a blazing hot Salt Block. I learned something really amazing from my Julia cookbooks. All seafood […]

Summer Sizzling on a Stick

What can heat in the house mean to a grilling and sizzling moment? It means that I can’t face the oven in this heat so I have a cure! Take wooden skewers that have been soaked in water for 15 -20 minutes. Run outside and crank that grill up on the patio with your Pink […]

In the heat of the moment, chill out with your pink himalayan salt block!

While pink himalayan salt holds heat extremely well, it will also hold a chill. Chilling your salt slab in the refrigerator and using it to serve cold fruit or a lovely antipasta works well to cool down the end of the day heat. How does this work? Here’s the scoop. Before I leave in the […]