Heirloom Recipes. Sweet.

Sweet Tea, that is. This is the time of year when the spring starts calling my name and I long for a glass of sweet tea like Granny used to make. The days start getting longer and everything is coming to life and I just want to play outside and have a glass of tea. […]

Salt Rox Chicken Soup Makes Everyone Feel Better!

Two of my three kiddos have been diagnosed with walking pneumonia and I have the chicken soup blues. I am all about comforting with food. I can’t increase the antibiotics effects, but I can make them feel a little better by making some rockin’ Salt Rox Chicken Soup. With a great big soup pot that […]

Salt Rox Recipes – Salt Rox Pizza

Real ingredients…that you know…flavors from your childhood…when mom cooked on Sundays all day long. Non GMO, organic, kosher, vegan, gluten free, NHF (my son says that is “No Human Flesh”). The newest and oldest nomenclature seems to add to the labels like party favors.

My kids love to have dough ready in the fridge to roll […]

Creative Tablescapes – Easier than you Think!

Still have some summer flowers from your garden? Have a ‪Salt Rox dinner party and use them as the centerpiece for a simple and elegant tablescape! For smaller more intimate dinners, slender clear vases create a display that is beautiful but won’t distract or block your guests from the meal and merriment. Big bonus on […]

Asparagus – The Versatile Vegetable!

Asparagus is the most amazing veg! It is a fast and fabulous dish to compliment any meal. Put it on a salad, pair it with a steak or salmon, or puree it into a stunning soup!
Cut away or snap the asparagus to find the tender portion of the stalk. Once they are all snapped store […]

Salt Rox Put to the Test on Real Milwaukee!

“Real Milwaukee” Fox WITI-TV featured Salt Rox in a grilling gadgets segment to find out which ones are worth the money… The Salt Rox Cooking Plate received a ‘buy it’ recommendation in this fun segment – We agree! Salt Rox Cooking Plates are cured and tested to be safe for high heat cooking and we […]

Salt Rox featured on Good Morning Arizona

Salt Rox was featured on “Good Morning Arizona” KTVK-TV (Phoenix) as a great Father’s Day gift idea! We say yes to Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th and every day in between – Salt Rox makes the living’ easy! Thanks to our friends at KTVK-TV for the segment which you can see below!

By the […]

Baby Bella Mushrooms on Salt Rox

Cowboy Cooking for Beginners – Tim Farmer’s Country Kitchen

It’s time for some Cowboy Campfire Cooking… FOR BEGINNERS! Tim discusses the basics of getting your fire started, maintaining temperature, tools needed and how to heat a basic dutch oven. He even shows you TWO beginner recipes that you won’t want to miss. Then it’s back indoors where Tim introduces you to one of the […]

Tucker Cooks Pancakes & Eggs on Salt Rox

By Tucker – (859) 317-3007

Start of your morning with pancakes and eggs fresh from the Salt Rox. We all love pancakes and eggs for breakfast. Use your Salt Rox and grape seed oil at 500 degrees to cook the flavor right in.

Salt Rox Pancake Recipe

3/4 cup all-purpose Weisenberger Mills flour
1/2 cup Weisenberger Mills whole wheat […]