Salt Rox Sugar Cookies

Did you know?

You can cook most everything on your SaltRox block! Even… SUGAR COOKIES!!

What better way to ring in the holidays than baking up some perfectly sweet sugar cookies?

First, whip up a batch of your favorite sugar cookie recipe, or go the your closest store and get pre-made dough, we won’t tell anyone.

Then make sure […]

Sea Salt Shot Glass Stocking Stuffers

Tucker says don’t forget about stocking stuffers!
The Original Salt Rox Salt Shotz Glass is an experience that you will want to share! Made to sip or shoot your favorite liquor or beverage, the Shotz Shot Glass dazzles your tastebuds! Just in time for the holidays, beautifully packaged in a velvet gift bag, the perfect gift for […]

Salt Rox Texas Sized Steak on a Himalayan Salt Block

My favorite thing about going on the road and showing off the Salt Rox Pink Himalayan Salt cooking plates is meeting you, our customers! I learn something new each time I am on the road. Last week, in Texas, I even learned a few tricks about serving up a Texas sized steak!
This is what you […]

Salt Rox is the Perfect Gift

Tips From Tucker
A Salt Rox Pink Himalayan Salt Cooking Plate is the perfect gift… for so many people on your list. Dad, Mom, Sister, Brother, Newlywed, Chef, Husband, Wife, the Grands, In-laws, Out-laws and so many more! The Salt Rox cooking plate naturally enhances the flavor of anything you cook on it, and by that […]

Salmon Filet Prepared on a Himalayan Sea Salt Block

Tips from Tucker
Holiday season coincides with the end of grilling season for many, with exceptions duly noted to those that live in fair weather climates and to those that have their own special all-weather grilling gear (and I put myself in that category). Cooler weather doesn’t mean the end to cooking on your Salt Rox […]

How to play with your tequila…

Take a summer evening with a very warm breeze. Down right hot and steamy after 3 minutes actually. Need something cool with some kick? Take 3 ounces of very fine tequila, Casa Noble or Don Modesto or your favorite. Pour over ice and swirl with a wedge of orange. Pour small amounts of the chilled […]

What to do when the stock market is unsure? Cook some amazing comfort food on a pink himalayan salt block!

Take a really hot pink Himalayan Salt Block and prep your dinner for the evening. Get creative or get back to basics. For fast and simple try chicken with asparagus or mushrooms. Chicken breasts are fabulous when cooked on a blazing hot Salt Block. I learned something really amazing from my Julia cookbooks. All seafood […]

Summer Sizzling on a Stick

What can heat in the house mean to a grilling and sizzling moment? It means that I can’t face the oven in this heat so I have a cure! Take wooden skewers that have been soaked in water for 15 -20 minutes. Run outside and crank that grill up on the patio with your Pink […]

In the heat of the moment, chill out with your pink himalayan salt block!

While pink himalayan salt holds heat extremely well, it will also hold a chill. Chilling your salt slab in the refrigerator and using it to serve cold fruit or a lovely antipasta works well to cool down the end of the day heat. How does this work? Here’s the scoop. Before I leave in the […]

Did Shakespeare use Pink Himalayan Salt Slabs or Blocks to Cook with?

Salt Rox is supporting Summerfest in Lexington, Kentucky!!  Come and check us out at the Summerfest Raffle tonight!  There will be a Pink Himalayan Salt Slab as well as a shot glass carved from a slab of solid salt.  A retail value of $167.00 and will be yours for some luck and a raffle ticket.  […]