Tips from Tucker

Holiday season coincides with the end of grilling season for many, with exceptions duly noted to those that live in fair weather climates and to those that have their own special all-weather grilling gear (and I put myself in that category). Cooler weather doesn’t mean the end to cooking on your Salt Rox Pink Himalayan Salt Cooking Plate – it also works magic when used in the oven or on the stovetop!

Let’s talk about cooking in the oven. Let’s cook salmon filets with a Salt Rox Himalayan Sea Salt Block!

If it’s your first time cooking on your Salt Rox cooking plate in the oven, just remember the most important thing – cook hot! Heat your cooking plate up in the oven to 400-500 degrees. (I know, it seems like that is a crazy high temperature, but that’s part of the magic!)  When your Salt Rox cooking plate gets hot, slide a drip pan (filled with a bit of water) on the rack underneath the rack where you are cooking, to catch any juices. Then, give the Salt Rox plate a brush of avocado, grapeseed or another high temperature cooking oil, and drop your salmon filets right on there.  I won’t weigh in on the flip or no-flip salmon debate but for you first timers cooking in the oven, let’s say 6 minutes, no flipping, and you’re ready to enjoy!

Plate up the salmon, drop the drip pan in the dishwasher, and leave your Salt Rox Pink Himalayan Salt Cooking Plate in the oven… until you use it for tomorrow night’s dinner!

Enjoy your Salt Rox, the only salt cooking plate actually safe for cooking!

- Tucker

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