Real ingredients…that you know…flavors from your childhood…when mom cooked on Sundays all day long. Non GMO, organic, kosher, vegan, gluten free, NHF (my son says that is “No Human Flesh”). The newest and oldest nomenclature seems to add to the labels like party favors.

My kids love to have dough ready in the fridge to roll out for their calzones, pizzas, and bread sticks. Rather than succumbing to the call of the pizza ‘pros’ we love finding out who will make the most cheesy, most delicious, most exploded, calzone or pizza of the night. Fresh dough is made from these real ingredients: flour, yeast, Salt Rox ground sea salt, warm water, and good olive oil. Mix, knead, punch, squish, push, smash, pat, pat… Somehow I always feel so great after kneading and forming a ball of dough!

Key ingredients to have on hand for homemade pizza, calzone and breadsticks: rapid rise yeast, Salt Rox sea salt, bread flour, good olive oil, and warm water (110°).  Other key ingredients according to my family: ricotta, mozzarella, marinara, turkey sausage, spinach, mom’s balsamic vinegar reduction (another entry to come)! I always take the easy route on pizza dough by using the dough blade for your processor or mixer.

Ready to rumble…
4 C bread flour
2 ½ t rapid rise
1 ½ t pink Himalayan salt (cause it Rox!)
2 T olive oil
1 ½ C warm water

Put the bread flour, salt, and yeast, into the mixer and pulse. Then slowly add the oil while the processor is running. Once the oil is in, begin adding the warm water. A ball should form. It will pull away from the sides of the bowl. Let the dough rest for 2-3 minutes and process another 40 seconds. If it is too sticky 1 T of flour should fix it.
Dump that onto a floured surface. We use the granite island so everyone can jump into the kneading. Knead by hand into a smooth, round ball. Place this delightful orb into a greased bowl before the kids start to throw it at each other. Cover with plastic wrap and wait. 1-1 ½ hours later put the risen, fragrant, deliciousness, into a plastic bag and freeze for another day OR begin the rounding of this jewel into a pizza, calzone, or bread sticks of your dreams!
Cover with ingredients of your choice over the top and bake on Salt Rox Grilling Plate for about 25 minutes at 450°. Check the crust and watch your cheese for the golden brown goodness!