What can heat in the house mean to a grilling and sizzling moment? It means that I can’t face the oven in this heat so I have a cure! Take wooden skewers that have been soaked in water for 15 -20 minutes. Run outside and crank that grill up on the patio with your Pink Himalayan Salt Block right on it! While the grill preheats outside, add to those wooden skewers deveined shrimp staggered with grape tomatoes, green pepper slices (or pablano peppers if you are feeling spicy), big fat mushrooms and some sweet onion chunks. I am talking about those Vidalia beauties from down South that my grandmother coveted all spring until summer heat truly bloomed! No seasoning necessary because we are ready to Rox! Salt Rox! Ready for the grill, take the olive oil and brush it on the salt block. Put those skewers on the salt block and close the grill to let the magic happen. After 3-4 minutes flip the skewers over once. When the shrimp are pink and the tomatoes are a little shriveled by the heat, remove the skewers to a serving plate and enjoy! You won’t believe the flavor!