Take a really hot pink Himalayan Salt Block and prep your dinner for the evening. Get creative or get back to basics. For fast and simple try chicken with asparagus or mushrooms. Chicken breasts are fabulous when cooked on a blazing hot Salt Block. I learned something really amazing from my Julia cookbooks. All seafood and meats should be rinsed and dried prior to cooking. Sooooo, rinse your chicken breasts in cool water, place on paper towels to pat dry, being careful to clean any surfaces that are exposed to the raw meat. Wash hands thoroughly. I think I sound like my mother in moments like this. Season the chicken with freshly cracked black pepper and drizzle with extra virgin olive oil. Once the Pink Himalayan Salt Block is preheated you are ready to cook. A fantastic addition to the chicken is asparagus grilled on the salt stone and nice baby bella mushrooms. Start the chicken first because the veggies will cook quickly. Before putting the chicken on the hot salt stone drizzle with a generous amount of olive oil. Very quickly you will have prepared a perfectly seasoned meal with chicken and asparagus on pink himalayan salt!! Enjoy the flavor of the 500 million year old salt block. Salt Rox shares the Flavor of Life!